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Lamar Odom's Metaverse
We are excited to announce Lamar's Metaverse, a community connecting the metaworld with real world! "Welcome to the community! I am happy to announce the launch of Lamar's Odom's Metaverse! It will be featuring my life as a professional athlete as well as my road to reborn in the form of digital arts inspired by the NFT movement. This will be a ongoing project that evolves over time and I want to create a loving and supporting community. One love!" - Lamar Odom
What is Lamar Odom's Metaverse?
Lamar Odom is a former American professional basketball player. As a member of the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association (NBA), he won the NBA championships in 2009 and 2010 and was named the NBA Sixth Man of the Year in 2011. A NBA Icon, Lamar has reigned for more than a decade as an unparalleled force who has raised the bar as an professional basketball player and globally recognized innovator.
Members of Lamar Odom's Metaverse gain exclusive access to both virtual and physical experience including:
1.Exclusive pre-sale acess to Lamar Odom's NFT release and other partner release.
2.Digital and physical collectibles from Lamar's orginal collection and some of the world's most famous IP.
3.Free NBA Tickets and chances to meet with players
4.Online members-only community events.
5.And more!
Introducing The LM Collection
The very first launch from Lamar Odom's Metaverse is the LM Collection featuring 7,777 unique Lamar Odom NFTs. Each is unique and programmatically generated from over 200 possible assets, including expressions, apparels, eyewears and more. There will be 7 exclusive LMs available, each comes with a signature of Lamar Odom. Exclusive LM holders are eligiable for a 5 min video call session with Lamar Odom! All honey badgers are honeyed. But some are rarer than others! A portion of the LM Collection proceeds will be donated to the Mamba and Mambacita Foundation, honoring Lamar's former teamate, Kobe Bryant,and supporting younger athelets.
The LM by Lamar Odom is also your personal ticket to become a member of Lamar Odom's Metaverse. Members of Lamar Odom's Metaverse will have access to unique opportunities and experiences in future events.
Phase 3 Metaverse
- Reveal details on the social space we are building in the metaverse. The social space based on web 3.0 is only accessible to LM holders. A home for athletes and true sports fans like you
- Holders of LM NFT get lifetime access to the social space and will have their names put on the walls.
- Virtual basketball game with your friend in the social space arena.
- Virtual basketball game with your friend in the social space arena.
- Access members only events with a chance to meet your favorite NBA stars.
- Exclusive physical and digital merchandise for members to purchase
- Members of Lamar Odom's Metaverse social space have a chance to earn rewards and share revenues!
- And more!

Parts of the proceeds will also be donated to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation to honor Lamar's former teamate, Kobe Bryant, and support younger athletes.
Welcome to Lamar's Metaverse! Join the Discord community and open a door to an exclusive metaverse world for sports fans!
Phase  1  Genesis
Stick with the ones that saw your potential when the whole world was counting you out A select amount of LM NFTs will be air dropped to our supporters, early adopters, community partners, & social media giveaways.
Phase  2  Community
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